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"The mind being strong is as important as the body, one won't work without the other. I've worked with Vinny on numerous occasions and always benefited greatly, not just whilst inside the ring but outside also. The best around without doubt!"

- Liam harrison, 8 times world thai boxing champion

"I've struggled with anxiety since my early teens. Working with Vinny has given me a completely new & improved outlook on my life. His is committed to his clients " does not conform to the norm, which is such a refreshing change. His advice, training & support has helped me immensely in my personal & business life. I cannot recommend him enough. Thanks Vinny x"

- Emma Elston, MBE business woman of the year

"After living with gambling addiction from the age of fourteen I realise I had a serious problem that was affecting my family, friends and even my career. I knew I needed to get help at first I sort help via the conventional channels such as my GP and gamblers anonymous, while this worked for a couple of years the urge to gamble was always there and I was told it always would be as what I had was an illness.

Once I'd started to gamble again I decided to try something else, I'd heard of Vinny Shoreman and although I was sceptical I thought I've nothing to lose.

After one session with Vinny I've never gambled since and never had the urge that was always there even when I felt I had it under control. Now thanks to Vinny I feel I have changed my way of thinking and for the first time in years I can concentrate on the important aspects of my life as gambling is no longer part of it."

- Carl Smith from Leeds

"Everyone struggles with anxiety and self-doubt. For years, I let a poor mindset hold me back from my true potential. Vinny helped illuminate the negative self-talk that was compromising my performance and productivity. He turned negative thoughts and feelings into a visual metaphor and then rewired how I think about destructive events, people, and ideas. He showed me the power of creating specific goals and—most important—provided a blueprint for achieving those goals with a more confident and clear mind. Just as training your body improves physical strength and resiliency, training your mind helps you deal with stress and anxiety. Everyone needs a mind coach. And there is no one better than Vinny Shoreman. He’s one of the most compassionate and influential teachers I’ve ever worked with."

- Glen Cordoza,s co-author of New York Times bestseller Becoming a supple Leopard.

Why get a Vinny Shoreman Seminar booked for your gym seminar?

Well to be honest If I could afford it I would have him there full time working with all y guys. I have no doubt every one of my fighters and students would make huge leaps and bounds as he has proved time and time again with real world results at the highest level. The techniques he uses and the tools he gives you allow you to raise your game beyond the measure of what you can do physically or technically. You spend hours and hours in the gym training and making the body strong, fast and powerful but it's only as strong as its weakest link and can all come crumbling down on you when it's game time. Simply put If you don't have a strong mindset you will not succeed. Vinny Shoreman will help your team to get that mindset and the knock on effect is your team will have a real energy about them, a buzz and are "in the zone" so to speak.

Sounds great doesn't it?

What does that mean for my team and what real world "Gains" will I actually make? As a martial arts coach I can tell you I have seen a whole class hitting harder, a lot harder IMMEDIATELY after his seminar. Yes students were gaining more power after one seminar. Amazing tangible gains. I also saw others change the way the think about there diet, lose fears about a big event or competition and better still turn what was once a weakness for them into a strength. The perfect example is that of an athlete or fighter just basically crippled by there own inner fear of what's going to happen and of the unexpected events come fight time. Guys that were once crippled by it now excel and the amazing athlete they are in the gym shines through come fight time because all the mental barriers hampering them have been removed.

I have Vinny up to our gym once or twice a year because it's basically a essential spring cleaning for us where we all gather up our mental trash and dump it. Just book it as it may change your life

- Feedback from seminar in 2014