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Holding expertise in overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Smoking, Food, Drug and Gambling Addiction, Self Confidence and Low Self-esteem issues, I offer guidance on your way back to emotional and physical wellbeing.

Helping you reach fulfilment through a variety of treatment options, tailored to meet your needs; my programmes have been designed to empower you to handle the stresses of life, overcome the ‘inner critic’, other people, your past or future challenges and trauma.

Often the first step is indeed the most difficult, but change starts with action. Now it’s time to give yourself the life you deserve and the only way to do so is by taking positive action towards achieving that.

“Be brave enough to heal yourself even when it hurts” – Bianca Sparacino The Strength in Our Scars.

The Timeline Therapy Programme

Timeline therapy is a unique and mind-opening programme, a process of allowing you to rid yourself of unwarranted Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Fear or Guilt. By adding personal goals to your timeline through tried and tested methodology, this therapy offers a safe space to diminish any jeopardizing or self-limiting feelings and beliefs, enabling you to succeed towards a more palatable future. - (One 3 hour session).

“The mind being strong is as important as the body, one won't work without the other. I've worked with Vinny on numerous occasions and always benefited greatly, not just whilst inside the ring but outside also. The best around without doubt!“

- Liam harrison, 8 times world thai boxing champion

Four Weeks to Freedom

A programme focused on overcoming current struggles and limitations in your life, using tried and tested methods and techniques which come hand in hand with awe-inspiring results. This inner-peace journey is set to provide you with the mindset and clarity to move forward and make the gains you want in your life. Four Weeks to Freedom is a focussed and empowering programme consisting of two, one to one sessions per week - (Six total sessions).

“I've struggled with anxiety since my early teens. Working with Vinny has given me a completely new & improved outlook on my life. His is committed to his clients " does not conform to the norm, which is such a refreshing change. His advice, training & support has helped me immensely in my personal & business life. I cannot recommend him enough. Thanks Vinny x“

- Emma Elston, MBE business woman of the year

The Smoking Programme

A programme to help clear your mind, body and soul. A programme to focus on what you really want. Smoking, is the largest single cause of illness and premature death in the UK, killing around seven million people each year, along with the one million non-smokers, killed by the exposure of second-hand smoke. This programme offers monumental relief and freedom from your hold on cigarettes, a programme that benefits not only you but your most loved ones too. Aiming to fully end your habit and the terrifying ‘round in circles’ routine by tackling your underlying issues and triggers. Find clarity, make gains and take back control. - (3 total sessions with tasks to be completed alongside a smoking diary).

“I was introduced to Vinny by a mutual friend. I had previously had hypnosis but this had only worked for a few months before something got me smoking again. It has now been over 8 years since Vinny helped me on my smoke-free path if you want to stop Vinny is all the help you need.”

- Ralph Zanelotti

The Breakthrough Programme

A programme that focusses on releasing the ‘problematic subconsciousness’ and self-limiting beliefs, in a life-changing and in-depth exploration of who you are and what you can be. Detailed and precise, this breath-taking Breakthrough Programme has shown both incredible results and lasting benefits in every person that has ever undertaken the journey -(10 Hours total, inclusive of timeline therapy, detailed personal history hypnosis and parts integration).

"After living with gambling addiction from the age of fourteen I realise I had a serious problem that was affecting my family, friends and even my career. I knew I needed to get help at first I sort help via the conventional channels such as my GP and gamblers anonymous, while this worked for a couple of years the urge to gamble was always there and I was told it always would be as what I had was an illness.

Once I'd started to gamble again I decided to try something else, I'd heard of Vinny Shoreman and although I was sceptical I thought I've nothing to lose.

After one session with Vinny I've never gambled since and never had the urge that was always there even when I felt I had it under control. Now thanks to Vinny I feel I have changed my way of thinking and for the first time in years I can concentrate on the important aspects of my life as gambling is no longer part of it."

- Carl Smith from Leeds

The Shadow Advisor

A full year of support, encouragement and empowerment; a programme built to teach you the mindcoaching methods and techniques to programme yourself for success, transforming every aspect of your life, with lasting effect. Together with weekly sessions, we will take consistent action towards reaching your goals and altering your thought process to be more successful in your business, career, relationships, life, health, body and mind.

A programme which helps you achieve your optimum state of being and your optimum state of happiness in all areas of your life.- (A focussed year-long programme consisting of two, one to one sessions per week).

"Everyone struggles with anxiety and self-doubt. For years, I let a poor mindset hold me back from my true potential. Vinny helped illuminate the negative self-talk that was compromising my performance and productivity. He turned negative thoughts and feelings into a visual metaphor and then rewired how I think about destructive events, people, and ideas. He showed me the power of creating specific goals and—most important—provided a blueprint for achieving those goals with a more confident and clear mind. Just as training your body improves physical strength and resiliency, training your mind helps you deal with stress and anxiety. Everyone needs a mind coach. And there is no one better than Vinny Shoreman. He’s one of the most compassionate and influential teachers I’ve ever worked with."

- Glen Cordoza,s co-author of New York Times bestseller Becoming a supple Leopard.


Can’t find what you’re looking for or not quite sure which programme best suits you? No problem, I offer low-cost telephone, Skype and FaceTime consultations where we will discuss your best option and what we can realistically achieve together. All of my programmes are tailored to meet each individuals’ specific needs and requirements, to accurately and effectively accelerate your inner healing process. - (£45 paid in advance via PayPal).

Look in the mirror for the person that can change your life, then look to me for the full support on that journey.