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Welcome to my website

A brief summary of what I do and what I offer you on your journey in developing yourself and achieving your goals!!

About Me

I've been a mindcoach since 2007 that consisting of NLP practitioner,Master practitioner,Timeline therapy practitioner and Master practitioner.

  • Hypnosis practitioner and Masters
  • Advanced language practitioner
  • Gambling and self confidence issues
  • Smoking, drug and food addiction
  • Dealing with anxiety in life and competition, depression & phobias

my Moto is "Less than 100% support is sabotage" meaning I give my all to the client and client gives their all to the changes too!!

Four Weeks To Freedom:

Four weeks to freedom is a specialised programme consisting of two, one to one sessions a week, in which we go about tackling issues and limits in your life. In turn, providing you with the mindset and clarity to move forward, and make the gains you want in your life. This tried and tested process has had breathtaking results for many clients all around the world.

Liam harrison

Few words from Liam harrison, 4 times world thai boxing champion

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The mind being strong is as important as the body, one won't work without the other.
I've worked with Vinny on numerous occasions and always benefited greatly, not just whilst inside the ring but outside also.
The best around without doubt!


Carl Smith from Leeds :

After living with gambling addiction from the age of fourteen I realise I had a serious problem that was affecting my family, friends and even my career. I knew I needed to get help at first I sort help via the conventional channels such as my GP and gamblers anonymous, while this worked for a couple of years the urge to gamble was always there and I was told it always would be as what I had was an illness.
Once I'd started to gamble again I decided to try something else, I'd heard of Vinny Shoreman and although I was sceptical I thought I've nothing to lose.
After one session with Vinny I've never gambled since and never had the urge that was always there even when I felt I had it under control.
Now thanks to Vinny I feel I have changed my way of thinking and for the first time in years I can concentrate on the important aspects of my life as gambling is no longer part of it.