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Empower your mind. Empower your life.

My name is Vinny Shoreman, a Timeline Therapy Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Advanced Language Practitioner and Fully Qualified Hypnotherapist. 12 devoted years as a Mindcoach has seen me help clients live above pain, stress and anxiety and reach a life of fulfilment, and happiness. I pride myself on the unconditional and genuine commitment I offer each and every individual, no matter who they may be, in the journey towards complete emotional and physical wellbeing.

Highlights in my career have seen me work alongside high-profile names such as Liam Harrison, 8 times world Thai boxing champion, Emma Elston, MBE Businesswoman of The Year, Glen Cordoza, co-author of The New York Times bestseller ‘Becoming a supple Leopard’, Emmerdale’s notorious Michael Parr and Eddie “The Underground King” Alvarez, UFC word champion, just to name a few.

I have dedicated my career to the tireless pursuit of finding the best methods and techniques towards supporting you, on the road to self-discovery, as a result of that, I have made guest appearances on well-known channels such as Sky Sports, Boxnation and the infamous Joe Rogan Podcast, along with conducting successful seminars across the UK, Norway and USA.

As a specialist Mindcoach, I offer 100% support in a safe, confidential and trusted space, helping you to positively accelerate your personal and professional growth. My tried and tested programmes have been mindfully designed, to enhance your performance in all areas of your consciousness and life.